About Us

This boutique brand is focused on the craft and style of bucket hats. Proudly made in Los Angeles, courtesy of photographer/designer Renée Parkhurst. This project was conceived in 2020 during LA’s quarantine period, with no choice but to reflect on the past and aspire to the future. Emerging from nostalgia, COCOBUNNY passionately thrives on cultural nuances from the 90’s and early 2000’s, bridging those styles and attitudes into the present to create timeless pieces that are made to wear eternally.

COCOBUNNY hats are made from the highest quality fabrics, exuding rich tones and textures. With fabrications ranging from domestically harvested cotton, plush Italian faux fur, hand sewn patchwork detail, and the highest quality leathers, all lined with 100% silk - each piece is something to be treasured. COCOBUNNY will create its own nostalgia, and the hunger for more.